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Acne - Voorhees, New Jersey

If you suffer from acne, turn to the skin care specialists at Bennett K. Schwartz, M.D. We offer proven treatments for all types of acne whether it is hereditary or caused by hormones. Many of Dr. Schwartz's patients have benefited from a treatment program to clear up acne. Restore your skin and self-confidence with effective acne treatment. Call for a personal consultation today!


When oil, dead skin cells, and germs clog the skin's pores, this can cause an outbreak of acne. Swelling, redness, and pus are associated with acne along with pimples. Sometimes, very large and deep pimples are cystic lesions which can become painful or infected and scar the skin. Dr. Schwartz may suggest a strong medicine for cystic lesions or even an alternative treatment. Acne is often hereditary so if one of your parents suffered from acne, you may too.

It can take some time to control acne. A prescription gel may be all you need but we suggest you begin your acne-control program by washing your skin once or twice a day with a mild soap or acne wash. Don't scrub or pick your at your skin as this may cause scarring.
Suffering from acne? Contact our office today to seek treatment. (856) 772-2221